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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Meet Freya

Hi Everyone
As discussed yesterday, I'm committed to a whole week of painting. 
Yesterday, my plan was to experiment with Bella and watercolour. I started to prepare my sketch on watercolour paper and the printer would just not play, I planned to copy my original sketch of Bella onto watercolour paper !!! (see yesterday's post for the sketch). I wasted most of the allocated time messing around with unblocking the printer. The printer seems not designed to cope with anything other than simple printer paper ? - which is unbelievable. It's a relatively good printer but when it comes to anything beyond a very thin paper it will not load. In the end, I decided the only solution for now was to make a new sketch. I still want to use the original for Bella so I have created a new friend - Freya. Here she is :

This is a very quick sketch but it will be fine for my experiment. It looks like I will need to make a new sketch for each experiment, unless I acquire another printer.
 I'm almost there re buying a new printer. It's now about finding exactly the right one - in my price bracket. My last printer was brilliant for card and thick paper and although thicker papers needed to be loaded individually, that was fine. I've had this printing issue for some time and I usually dismiss it, find another way and move on ...... but I'm restricting lots of little projects as a result. Maybe it's time ?

Anyway back to the painting ...... I'm hoping to get some actual painting going on today. 

Thanks for reading.