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Friday, 17 April 2015

Pink Chrysanthemums

Hi Everyone
I've been playing 'catch up' all week and today is no exception ! My mini project today should have been made and ready ! However, time has run out and I'm still in development stage. I've been working on producing a range of polymer clay flowers and each bloom is to be produced in around an hour. Note - after the prototype has gone through development processes !!!
My initial flower In the Collection was a Blue Poppy :


Modifications are required - the general look of the Poppy is good but I need to develop the flower parts. This is ongoing and I will share when the flowers project is complete. The idea behind the flowers are that they can become embellishments for a range of items and gifts/packaging. As such, they will need to be robust and this does have design implications.

My next planned flower will be a Chrysanthemum - this is going to be a challenge ! I think I will go for a bright pink colour.


I love this one - Im hopeful (with practice) I can make something similar !! Wish me luck.

Thanks for reading - have a great weekend.