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Friday, 10 April 2015

New Clothes for The Dogs

Hi Everyone
I'm researching some clothing for my dogs today. I did have ideas about just making jumpers but things have moved on .... and the more research I do, I realise there's a whole new world of miniature stuff just waiting to be made !! I particularly like the idea of bags and umberellas as well as boots. I'm not sure how far I will go with this one ?  I love the idea of hats too - so  a hat is a 'definite'. I'm still into making jumpers but the look of some of the little jackets are irresistible. I have collected an extended collection of ideas on my Pinterest Board - 'felted miniature animals and their clothing' - take a look. Here is a quick look at a few of my favourites -


I did spend time on Ian (the dog) yesterday but I'm not sure he has changed too much.


His stance has changed but my problem is still with his ears. My basic construction is the issue and I should have changed the position of the head framework. Such as life. I'm undecided as to wether I start again or snip off the ears and try to reshape the head. I've added more fur but he will never be quite there if I ignore the ear problem. I did wonder if a hat could hide his disfigurement ? I will consider my options overnight.

Thanks for reading.