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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Making little dogs

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing the first stages of my little dogs project today. Eventually, these dogs will form the basis of a bigger photo shoot illustrating a mixed media project. I'm playing with ideas for 'recipes' for the project and a range of ways in which different craft skills can be incorporated into the whole plan. 

This little guy is about '2 pipecleaners big' - my size currency. He measures 7cm from nose to tail and stands 5 cms at the highest point. Generally, he is quite a small item. I think he looks a bit like a Fox Terrier at the moment but I want him to have more fur, so he may change ?


I'm going to make a few more dogs and try and develop a range of characters with different shapes, characteristics and colours. I also want to make them some jumpers and perhaps other accessories. I'm not sure exactly what will develop but I'm hoping to have a bit of fun trying out some ideas. I like to give my creations a name so, as I create I will give them a name. This dog is to be known as Colin.

Thanks for reading.