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Monday, 13 April 2015

Is it Monday ?

Hi Everyone
It's back to work day today. Easter has been lovely and Im preparing for a difficult day getting myself back into routines ! Is is really Monday ? I always struggle after a holiday. This week Im planning in a slow start and generally just 'tip toeing' into jobs.

Monday should be my Make Art Monday (MAM) day. However, I'm massively underprepared ! I've been focused on making my little dog pack and all else has gone out of the window. That's what holidays are for !

I'm having great fun working with the dogs and need to start planning their little wardrobe.I have plenty of ideas and I think I will make a selection of outfits - they can mix and match as required. Most of the dogs are a similar body size but they are not quite a similar shape !!! I will resolve those sort of issues at a later date. My job today will be to sketch (MAM after all ) some ideas. I will share when I've got something. In the meantime here is a quick view of the dogs as they are :


I love the idea of creating a little self contained scene/box ? for the group. Not sure about how I will proceed with that one ? For now, it's a few sketches - I can't cope with more than that today.

Thanks for reading.