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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Bella Next Big Thing

Hi Everyone
Today, I'm updating  news of Bella's progress with the Making Framework.
Bella's been busy - she has completed her new Doughnut kit and now has two necklaces using the same Doughnut design beads but very different pieces of jewellery.
You may remember that Bella embarked on a jewellery making project using the Making Framework (look back to 17th March 2015 for more details). She had planned to attend a Make and Take Workshop to complete the second kit but unfortunately exams got in the way and she was on her own and using the Making Framework support if she needed help. However, all has turned out well and she has made a brilliant new necklace. Bella has plans for greater things in the future ! Here is her new piece :


 The two necklaces have a different look because of the colours of the beads and the different stringing materials. Here is a view of the two pieces together :


Both items look good and are ready to wear.

Bella will tackle another project next time. Call back each Tuesday to check out her progress.

Thanks for reading.