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Monday, 20 April 2015

Making ART (all week)

Hi Everyone
I'm still not organised with work projectS, post Easter Holidays. Make Art Monday is still very much on the shelf !!! I need a week to get myself back on track and have decided to do just that this week !!

So for a one off, I will spend all week doing at least an hour each day working on my art work. In particular, I have a large Bella painting under development and have not spent enough time working with my ideas or preparation.
Here is the original sketch of Bella 


The sketch will be the basis of my work this week. I've already given Bella an acrylic treatment (see previous Monday posts for more detail on this) and it's OK but I'm not happy with her acrylic hair. The balance is all wrong - I will also tone this down and develop some of the eye makeup.
 I'm also interested in working with a watercolour head this time. I don't want to restrict myself - I do like a multi media approach and already have ideas about using felted fabric (my own) for a dress. But ..... I'm keen to get  a light and interesting range of colours onto the drawing. My plan is to use non skin tones. Not sure how this will turn out but I will give it a go. Watercolour is a bit outside my comfort zone, so anything could happen. I generally feel apprehensive about making mistakes with watercolour. This needs to go from my thoughts and experimental sessions will help me. I'm going to use photo copies of my original Bella face and try out lots of versions of watercolour treatments. This is the kind of exercise I should have done from the beginning. I've been trying to force the process - always a mistake ! 

Anyway, I'm enthusiastic about my plan and will get onto the job as soon as possible. Wish me luck. I will share my results this week, good and bad !

Thanks for reading.