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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Then, there were five !

The dog Gang is complete. I've made the extra dogs for my collection - they will be known as Ian and Jacqui. Here they are :

I tried a slightly different technique with Ian. He didn't have the initial wool wrap technique applied. His fur is also a thicker form of wool. I want to give him more definition in places so will work on that later. Jacqui is a bit of a Dachshound. She has the initial wool layer. I think this wool layer allows for a thinner, more defined outer wool application and requires less wool to be used. I struggled with Ian's ears and am still not totally convinced about them. I may change the shape ?
The dog group is now complete. I have my five dogs but they all need refining in some way. The next step (after refining) will be to design and make their clothing. I'm not going for a fully clothed dog, that would be silly ! At this stage, Im thinking about creating a particular item which helps define the character of each dog. I will also consider a few quirky accessories per dog.
Here they are as a group :


Thanks for reading.