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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Imitation Game - the sequel !

Hi Everyone
It's Thursday again and The Imitation Game Series.
I'm using the Striped Imitation Game beads to create a single collection of jewellery. I want to find a common theme for the whole design. I initially split the beads into little sections based on their pattern/colour (and had thought I would develop several small collections) but I'm now thinking about using shape and construction as the focus for the whole Striped Collection. Here is a reminder of the actual beads (read back into Thursday posts to understand the whole project).


As you can see, from the photo story, I've chosen to develop a pair of earrings first - using the green and navy beads. I will consider a few types of earring hooks and make up some options. I like to use sterling silver so that will be my metal choice. I'm not sure about the shape yet or the actual beads. I have a few sizes and shapes to choose from.

Before setting out on the session today, I want to define my central idea for bringing all elements of the Collection together. I want to use the beads to give me inspiration. I plan to develop my process by arranging all the beads in various patterns/combinations along with various material options for stringing (if I choose to string) as well as the silver options available to me. The silver options Im considering are sizes of silver wire/tubes.
I'm quite excited about this project today. It feels as if the project has dragged along and although, I almost never abandon a well developed project - this one has come close. Today, I'm glad I've persevered !

Thanks for reading