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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Geoff and Vita

Hi Everyone
I'm rather disappointed with my efforts from yesterday ! I had a very poor day re my watercolour skills development. I've gone back a step and was at a loss as to why ? However, another day dawns and Im feeling more optomistic about today's painting session 'to come'. I had made Rachael (look at yesterday's post for Rachael) all ready to paint but didn't in the end ! It's a long story but in brief, I started trying out 'eyes' and thought, if I could make progress with eyes, all would be well. No, this didn't work and I ended up doing a few additional sketches and drawings while Rachael waited patiently to be painted. 
I've called the new eyes 'Geoff' - not sure why ? It just seemed right. Here he is :


An odd looking chap !! He looks quite different from a distance and would/could, I think turn into something (when my skills are good enough). I will keep him waiting to be developed - when I can !

My second disaster was Vita. She came out of desperation and has an odd look too ! I don't want to produce a 'real person' look (as you will have gathered) - I'm quite sure that photos are for that reason. But ....... there are lots of opportunities to create 'people-like' paintings - maybe one day !!!!! In the meantime, here is Vita :


Vita is a bit scary and resembles a few of the cartoon characters I've come across over the years. Remember, it's just an experiment. Bits of her face in isolation look  'interesting' but put together she is quite disturbing. Never mind.
My only regret from yesterday's experiments are that I now feel even more confused than before. I'm not taking this very seriously but it's very frustrating ie not knowing how to move on. I will have a coffee and make a plan. Rachael is still waiting  - maybe ?

Thanks for reading.