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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Is Freya a success ?

Hi Everyone
Another reasonable hour in my 'painting week' to report. This week, I'm aiming to improve my watercolour skills by practicing and developing a watercolour painting technique for myself. I'm not hugely concerned about the traditional approaches but obviously tried and tested techniques are useful to know and I've been doing a little bit of research too. My particular process is just to get on and experiment, thinking occassionally, about what I've learned. 
Freya moved on a little and has prompted much discussion in our house. I was thrilled by this. The comments are not universally complimentary !! However, any comment good or bad is acceptable to me.

I've learned lots from yesterday's experiments and although I think I could have stopped earlier in some areas,  Im happy to move on and do better next time.  I want my paintings to have a 'loose' approach. I find this quite difficult. The use of water to allow colours to flow and create light and dark interests me but ........ I'm finding it difficult to concentrate at times. I find myself drifting and am aware of  a feeling of frustration - before I can control myself I've made an irreversible move which sadly, can't be undone ? I think, I have a tendency to try and control the process. This control can easily go wrong and at the moment, I don't have the skills to know what to do if/when it goes wrong. The painting, then feels overworked ?

 However, I'm enjoying doing this week long project and today, I'm moving on again. As a result of my printing issues (read yesterday's blog for detail) ,I've produced another little sketch for today's painting. Meet Rachael :


I'm going to use a different range of colours today and the sketch is smaller. I'm hoping to be 'loose' and 'brave' in my approach. I will need even more luck today !!

Thanks for reading