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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Cordelia Cord Necklace

Hi Everyone
I'm showing off my newly made Cordelia Cord Necklace - one of the knit kits from my recent birthday parcel. This is on the surface a very simple DIY make but I took forever to get the knotting technique bit right. I've added the very large clasp - I love the look and have worn my necklace for the last two days. My teenagers think the necklace looks like a dog collar - causing much hilarity ! I'm keen to make more in different colours and extend the length.

All the photos/ pictures I've seen from Wool And The Gang (the company making the kits) show the Cordelia Cord twisting. I also read in the instructions about turning clockwise, this must be the technique to be employed ! However, my initial struggles with getting the right tension on the knot (called a Scooby Knot) produced my particular finish. I just continued with the even knot as it appeared. I like it but I see a twisted pattern would also be good. I will attempt this twist next time.

Thanks for reading.