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Friday, 26 June 2015

Blog Friday Link

Hi Everyone
It's Friday again, I know I'm forever saying this on Fridays but it's frightening how quickly the weeks go by ! I want the days to slow down. 
Today, I'm recommending a blog called Noodle Head I came across this blog via Pinterest while browsing. I was particularly drawn by a little purse sewing project.


The blog has a shop as well as lots of sewing tutorials. Anna Graham heads up the blog and she explains (in the introduction) the Noodlehead name comes from a nickname she gave one of her children. I like the chatty style of the blog and love the inspiration ideas. Anna has a book out with many of the little projects featured on her blog, I'm already thinking it's something I need.
One of the features on the blog 'Sew Along' - is a great way to make up a garment (skirt). The task is split into small sections which are to be done in daily sessions. The idea is to make the skirt along with Anna plus her community, Anna gives lots of tips for each day and those taking part comment as they go. I like this idea and am inspired to tackle the skirt myself.
One other inspiration I need to mention  is a great little hold-all bag - used for sewing.


This project is in Anna's book, another good reason to acquire the book ! I really like this site and will be visiting often. The blog has reminded me how much I like sewing but tend to leave sewing projects alone - not sure why ? I'm now inspired to get back to sewing on a regular basis. I have a number of possible projects in my stash already but would love to have this small hold-all bag for sewing. I can see lots of little hold-alls being developed for a number of crafts.

Thanks for reading.
Have a great weekend.