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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Imitation Game Starburst 2

Hi Everyone
Last time I posted with the Imitation Game Starburst, I had a difficult issue with technology and was forced to cut short my developments news. Hopefully, all is well today and I can share the outcomes so far.
In addition to my technical issues, I've also had trouble of another kind trying to decide on the shape of the beads I wanted to develop. This problem extended to the actual jewellery piece  I want to create. I do know I wanted to use the Starburst design as a key characteristic of the bead and this narrowed down options because the Starburst design needed to be on show. So many 'unknowns' ! 
Ultimately, I've resolved some of my issues and created a range of sample beads. After  baking them, I will spend some time 'playing around' with different combinations. So far, this is where I am :


The bottom left photo shows two beads which will become stud or dangle earrings (another decision to be made). At the moment, I'm thinking the beads will form a necklace on stretch thread ......... but maybe not ?

Next week we will know how things turn out.

Thanks for reading.