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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Kit Day

Hi Everyone
Today I'm featuring a kit from another site called Beads Direct. It's quite a big outfit with lots of jewellery kits as well as a huge supply of beads and other related stuff. I like the variety of findings and often find myself looking to check out if something is available or give me an idea for developing a design. As I was browsing a few weeks ago, I came across a great bracelet idea which is incredibly quick to make and would be suitable for one of my MAKING groups. However, looking at the cost of the kit - the price (although reasonable) would be outside our range.
 I've been thinking about this all week and am going to try something inspired by this kit but keeping costs down. Here is a quick look at samples of the finished bracelets.



Visit the site for specific details and ordering -

I especially like the magnetic clasp (can be ordered separately) and the flat leather in a variety of colours. The Swarovski strip is good too but I'm wondering if can come up with something which will bring the price into our range without losing the simple but attractive look of the bracelet.
In the kit, a strip of Swarovski Elements (sparkly beads in various shapes and sizes) is simply stuck to the leather and the clasps stuck on the trimmed ends. The glue must be good ! I'm going to buy a single kit and test it out and then adapt for the group - if I can find an idea within the budget. Hope you are inspired to look at more of the kits, I'm a regular 'snooper'.

Thanks for reading.