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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Imitation Game - Starburst Blue

Hi Everyone
Last Thursday, I declared the next element of the Starburst Collection (read back to Thursday episodes for background) was to be the yellow. However, plans have changed over the week and I've tackled the blue (plus a touch of lavender) cane. 
I had decided to make a simple round core bead using transparent clay. The size would be 5/6mm in diameter. The plan went ahead and I used thin slices of the cane to give the beads a veneer, then ....... I didn't feel 100%  happy with the beads. They were OK but I couldn't see myself wearing the resulting stretch bracelet (the initial jewellery item idea). 
Plan B was to turn the cane into lentil beads instead. This works better for me and although I won't get as many beads, I think the lentil shape suits. I quite like the way the lines are off centre and have a slightly abstract pattern. Each bead has a different direction for the stripes but they all, clearly compliment each other. I like this idea.
Here is a quick look at the round beads and their development. I will thread these along with some more transparent seed beads and maybe some very small silver beads. I think this idea can look a little like a chain but retain the elastic characteristic.

The next image shows the lentil beads shapes alongside the rounds and some slices of the cane which have all turned into lentil beads.

I was thinking about keeping the flat round design (far right) and making a threading hole through the centre but eventually decided on the lentil shape. The lentil shape appears on the left of the photo and doesn't look very different in my image but as a bead its flatter and slightly wider than the round. I'm going to thread these lentil beads onto elastic thread and again add some different style silver spacer beads.

Next time it will definitely be the yellow cane. I've already decided to keep the flat shape as per the above right bead. I will go for another bracelet but this time it will have a clasp. I think I would also like to make the beads larger than the current cane size. That's the plan ! 

Thanks for reading.