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Monday, 15 June 2015

Make Art Monday - Linda

Hi Everyone
It's Monday again ......... and Make Art Monday is featuring a relatively old painting today. I'm still working on 'eyes' !  ......... and I wanted to concentrate my efforts on painting more  'eyes'. I started looking for a project which would allow me to do this.
Last week, I found myself thinking of a painting in my house. I think this should help in the 'eye' development thing. I will take an individual character (from the painting) per week and feature her eyes.Today, it's this character, her name will be Linda.


The painting is quite a few years old and although the eyes are not especially detailed or particularly well painted they are central to the painting. There are four women in the piece which help tell the story. The eyes are therefore key to how the painting can be 'understood'. It's quite a sad story (for me) and I'm hoping I can add more feeling to the characters by studying their eyes in more detail. Some of the new paintings will be large and some small. All these things are relative but my 'large' will be the biggest piece of wood I can manage (easily) on my easil. I have an ambition to paint 'big'. 

 I like the painting, the colours, the texture and the shape of the painting. Over the next few weeks, I'm going to develop another series of paintings, featuring each character and developing some of the characteristics of the original. I'm calling the collection 'to be' -  'Where am I now '. 
The original piece is painted on wood with a mixed media approach. The dresses of the characters are developed from paper and the paint is mostly acrylic with various acrylic mediums. I will develop the new pieces on wood and again use acrylics with  paper. I'm not sure at this stage, how many additional paintings will develop ? but I would like to eventually use some of the images I produce for fabrics and prints.

Over the next few weeks, I will feature the progress of the work. I'm hoping I can improve the eyes of the characters and use my 'eye' observations to add a new dimension to the story.

Thanks for reading.