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Friday, 12 June 2015

Friday Blog Link

Hi Everyone
It's my Friday Blog Link today, only the second blog in this new series. I'm sharing specific blogs that I find interesting and have a common link in some way with my blog. I'm inspired most days by reading something on a blog. It's one of the amazing things about the making community ie their wish to share and spread ideas. I don't want to limit the scope of my blog recommendations, so if I find something outside the usual subject matter, it
will be welcome. If anyone would like to recommend any blogs please get in touch (either here in the comments box or via Facebook - link also here on the blog).

So, today I'm recommending 


I've known this site for many years and it's evolved into a great resource blog for lots of making related things. However, blog is more than making and talks about lifestyle and lots of other varied projects. The blog is called A Beautiful Mess. Today, for instance, they are dealing with a particular take on felting (a huge favourite on this blog). They often include very simple and accessible projects which I like and many of their makes are bright, colourful and 'on trend'.
The site is well organised and the girls that run the site are sisters, Elsie and Emma. I first noticed Elsie many years ago via scrapbooking and have one of her books which I still use now and again for ideas. Take a look at the blog for background about the girls and the range of material they offer via an online shop.
The photography on the site is good and makes all their projects look inviting. I find myself developing ideas from the site for myself and taking them a stage further.
The girls also have a couple of Apps, one in particular called ABM is the most used app in my collection of apps. I use it daily and I could not work without it. Thank you to ABM.


I hope you will visit the blog and get some inspiration.

Have a great weekend. Thanks for reading.