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Friday, 5 June 2015

New - Blog Link feature.

Hi Everyone
As of today, Im starting a new feature for Fridays. This new feature will be called Blog Link. Each Friday I will recommend a blog. The blog will be something I've found myself for a particular reason or a blog that someone else has pointed me to look at. I will explain why I'm including the blog and the specific feature from the blog that interests me. I often find great ideas or techniques to share via blogs. I hope you will too.

Today's recommendation is a blog called Flamingo Toes run by someone called Bev. It's got an interesting organisational style and looks very attractive.  There's lots to look at and I keep finding news things as I use the blog. The blog is described as a creative blog. In the sewing section there are links to a crochet page. The specific post I'm looking at is : This post is all about mini crochet ideas. The reason I was interested in using this post was to keep practicing my crochet skills in order to make some little crochet clothes for some of the recent felted dogs. The small projects are just right for me at the moment.

One of the little projects I especially like is a crochet bow bookmark. I'm not sure why I need a few of these but I do !!


I've never been a skilled crochet person but I do enjoy the crochet process and will definitely be trying out a few of the ideas featured in the post. I get a great feeling of satisfaction when I complete a crochet project, it's a bit out of my comfort zone (at the moment) - I'm hoping this will be a short term thing. Trying out new skills and/or techniques definitely helps develop a high level MAKER. My ultimate ambition !

Take a look and try one of these projects out for yourself.

Have a great weekend. Thanks for reading.