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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Imitation Game

Hi Everyone
I'm almost there with the Starburst Collection. The red version of the beads is yet to be turned into something but the green and blues have made their way into bracelets and almost a necklace.


I'm slightly disappointed with the green beads, I liked them  better before they were cured. The semi opaque nature of the white clay has muted the colours slightly. I think, a polish in the tumbler and some experiments with a shiney surface will improve the beads. Somehow, they appear to be rather dark ?
My favourite version of the blue is the bottom right, I've used some sterling silver beads to form a mock chain and I think it works well. I also like the shape of the beads. The blue colour merges well with the white and gives a certain richness to the bead pattern which I find pleasing. Amazingly, I do  like the round version of the blue beads and I feel they have improved post curing. I did feel they were not what I had wanted but I'm reassessing my ideas. The necklace needs a few more beads and I'm keen to incorporate some of the red beads. I'm not sure the bead arrangement will stay as it is ? I will play around with some different arrangements before settling on the final piece.

I still have the yellow version to develop (contrary to my suggestions from last week - they didn't happen !) . This week ....... without fail ! I want to finish this project and start the next, so am going to pull out all the stops ! These prototypes will be used for developing new stock. I want to find a reliable way of using focal beads and I like the design using silver beads like a chain. 
All these designs are threaded onto stretch cord which allows for a simple construction without the need for clasps. I like this idea and feel beads are made to be central to the design without the findings getting in the way.

Next week, The Imitation Game will move onto the new piece but I will round up with the finished items from the Starburst Collection before I go.

Thanks for reading.