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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Imitation Game

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing the development of the Starburst range of beads today (as part of my Imitation Game series) and I've chosen the red Starburst cane next. Read back to previous Thursday blogs for background on this feature.
The shape of the beads with this cane created a problem for me, my usual starting point is to make a quick sketch and the ideas tend to flow. However, on this one my process didn't work and I seemed to have dried up ! Finally, I decided to reduce the cane from 3cm to 2cm in diameter, mainly to give me more beads but also as I just couldn't decide on a suitable bead shape or end jewellery piece in the larger size. Here are a few photos showing the development.


(1) - my starting point and my quick sketch, this cane is the 3cm diameter size
(2) - shows the length of the cane, before reducing -  only 4cm
(3) - I've now reduced the cane and its 2cm diameter and still round in shape but much longer (approx 8cm)
(4) - bead is more of an oval shape and the hole is created by placing a toothpick between two slices


So, here we are with the Starburst 2 bead design. These beads will make up one of my stretch bracelets with a silver knot cover.  I will add a little silver charm (this will be made from scratch). The charm is still in design stage and I'm hoping to complete for next time. My charm idea is to reflect the star shape of the bead.

Next time will be the yellow cane. I'm not sure what will develop ?

Thanks for reading.