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Monday, 22 June 2015

Make Art Monday - where am I now (2) ?

Hi Everyone
It's the second week of 'eyes' in the where am I now ? painting. Read back a few weeks of Monday's to understand the background to this feature. 
This weeks eyes are from the character named Alison.

Here she is :

This character has full eye shapes and uses her expression to give a view 'inside her head'. Alison is in the centre of the painting and is given a major role in the painting. Her eyes are a little dreamy but I think they can be improved upon. Her colouring has influenced the eyes, perhaps next time I can intensify this characteristic. I would like to place Alison in another context - not sure exactly where or what but I like her form and think I can experiment with the character. My first job is to re draw/paint the eyes a few times to compare the best colours for the bigger job. 

Thanks for reading.