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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Making Framework Revolution

Hi Everyone

If you are following this regular Tuesday blog feature, you will know that we enjoyed a PaperCraft workshop last week in the Making Framework. Here are a few photos of some of the little boxes we made :


The group made a great job of making the boxes as well as a few little paper flowers for embellishing.

Next week, we will hold a final week of PaperCraft in a series of four workshops. Week four will make a greeting card which creates a 3D house or cottage. The idea is to remove the roof (which provides a place to write a message) to reveal a decorated little house interior. The little house folds flat to fit in an envelope and is a great card for lots of different themed greetings. I'm hoping each member of the group will create their own theme. I will feature a sample card as well as all the Maker cards next time. Kits will be available shortly in my shops.

The Making Framework is continually extending the range of craft projects we offer. Here is a list of the current tried and tested project crafts we have trialled in our workshops :
         Polymer Clay for jewellery (7 kits)
         Felting - wet and needle (2 kits)
         Decoupage (2 kits)
         PaperCraft (4 kits)
Coming up next Scrapbooking (2 kits)

These kits will be available via the shops over e next few weeks.

Central to the concept of the Making Framework is a self development idea. Makers are encouraged to have a go with a range of crafting projects, especially projects which are new to the Maker. There is a strong suggestion that by 'cross making' with different craft skills our Makers are developing an overal skill set which helps practical as well as personal creative development. Along with these practical skills, confidence and entrepreneur ideas are forming. All our Makers are inspired and energised after working in the Making Framework sessions over the year. Ultimately, the idea is that the developing Maker becomes a Maker Champion and creates their own projects for others to try. There is evidence within our group that it's happening already. The revolution has started !

Thanks for reading.