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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The Making Framework

Hi Everyone
I'm returning to the detail of last weeks Making Framework : PaperCraft 4 workshop today. The idea of the workshop was to make a greetings card using a 3D little house. I mentioned last week that I would share how to make the basic structure of the card. It's possible to just measure out a shape for each card but I've produced a template using old index cards (the sort used in library card catalog systems, now mostly obsolete). I've had these cards for many years and always choose them to make templates. Having a template allows you to produce a card very quickly and you can spend your time embellishing the card. For this particular template - The Cottage, I've used small (4) index cards. This includes all the walls and the roof (not shown in the first photo).


My intention with the template was to make the size suitable for use with an A4 sheet or a 12x12 ins scrapbook card sheet. I wanted to cut out the cottage walls in one piece. The folded lines are creased into the template after cutting out. Each wall measures 7.4cmx7.6cmThe roof measures another  4.9cm to the highest point. I have made mush larger cards using this template method but add a flat to several walls and glue them together. It's possible to make quite large cards using this method.

I simply used a pencil to draw around the template and cut out the shapes with a craft knife.



I cut off the little flap on the left hand side because I used another tie closure for the cottage (will cover this next time). The basic shape is now complete after creasing the sides and the roof. This little card can look spectacular depending on the embellishments used. The basic shape can also be simply decorated with just a few windows and a door. In the workshop, we (of course) went to town with lots of decorated little extras.
The template can be used many times and is a favourite for a special occasion. I'm using the idea for a number of Thank You gift cards over the next few weeks.
Over the next few weeks, I will share several options for embellishing the little houses and options for closures.

Thanks for reading.