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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Kits - Paper Flowers - Fleur

Hi Everyone
There are three different flower design kits available, each with very different construction techniques. All three are die cut shapes although one of the designs can be hand cut to give a professional finish. This kit will be available (to order) in the shops by Friday.

I'm highlighting the first flower kit today ie Paper Flowers From Scratch (1). This flower is a rosette style flower which I'm calling a Fleur. 

The photo story shows the development of the Fleur which starts out as two long lengths of concertina paper and two round circle shapes. The lengths are paper are folded and glued at each end. The resulting round shape is then pushed flat and secured on both sides with the paper circles.

The kit comes with enough papers to form five individual Fleur flowers in a variety of patterned and plain papers. These flowers are very easy to make and are very useful for gift embellishment or scrapbooking.
Hope you are inspired to have a go with these very simple flowers. Next Wednesday's post will feature a few ways in which to use the Fleur Flowers.

Thanks for reading.