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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Making Framework

Hi Everyone
The Making Framework is hosting another workshop today. The project today is the 4th in a series of PaperCraft workshops. We are making little houses. The houses are gift cards with the roof giving a space for the greeting (in theory), although messages can be written anywhere and the whole idea of the project is to develop creative ideas with the project. No rules here. 
The basic design is a template and depending on the size of the house, can be formed from a single piece of A4 thin card. Larger houses, as the one in the photo are made up using several sections and glued. The roof is a single folded piece and proportional to the house.
This project is a very simple cut and fold piece in its basic form, although the end product can look very sophisticated. The creative design of the finished house will depend on the range of embellishments used, the creative possibilities are endless.

Here is a quick look at the sample houses created for today's workshop.

Next time, I will give a photo tutorial for the construction and the following Tuesday, I will focus on the internal embellishments. 
I will take some photos at the workshop later today and share a flavour of the range of little houses we come up with.

Thanks for reading.