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Monday, 29 June 2015

Make Art Monday - where am I now ?

Hi Everyone
It's week 3 of the 'Where am I now ? - Eyes' feature (read back on Mondays for background to this feature). This weeks it's ' Lee' as the main character.


Lee is slightly complicated in that her eyes are not shown in this picture. However, she does have eyes and her new portrait will feature her eyes. This will give me an opportunity to develop some eyes specifically for her. The more I look at this work, the more I like it. I'm seeing a different side of the painting and am thinking or all sorts of opportunities to develop the piece. I like the dress and the simple positioning of the limbs. The 'eyes' will be the main feature in the new work so this simple body is perfect.
I'm working on another project which involves making a journal (FROM SCRATCH) and I'm going to make another journal to show the new developments of the Where Am I Now Series.
Only 1 more character to introduce. Next week and all 4 characters will be ready to go !

Thanks for reading.