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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Flower Bracelets and unfinished projects.

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing a few of the lovely Flower Bracelets produced yesterday at our Making Workshop.


I love the colour combinations of the beads and the magnetic clasp is a joy to use. The clasp snaps into place and is a real feature of the design. I'm converted to magnetic clasps.

I'm also off to my local knitting group this morning, I've lots of knitting projects at the 'almost finished' stage. Little jobs like sewing in threads and finishing necklines and blocking. I'm going to try and finish all my current projects before starting a new one. The knitting group is such an inspiration, its always difficult to resist a new idea or a new yarn. That's the plan !!

Later, I'm hoping to complete the long awaited paper mâché doll. The doll has reached the top of the list, so she has a chance today !

I have many unfinished projects. I'm on a mission to get EVERYTHING up to date, I often give myself this message ! This time, I've made a list with completion dates and will try and keep to deadlines. I'm hoping my planning will succeed this time.

Thanks for calling in.