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Friday, 30 September 2016

More printing experiments.

Hi Everyone
I've had another great time experimenting with making stamps and surface patterns.
Colours are so important and I've been playing with the colours of each image and combining shapes to make new colours from my basis stamp pad range. I'm using Tim Holtz Distress pads which all combine beautifully but by making very simple layers, I've managed to extend the colour range. 
I especially like the lining up/blocking of the shapes. Very simple shapes work well when repeated. It's about spending time, experimenting !
Here is a quick look at my second phase experiments. 


My favourite of the day is the top right collection with various shades of blue. I would love to duplicate this one on fabric.
Also, I couldn't resist making another fish, it's a bit rough but I quite like it. I think most of the collection elements would make some great wrap paper/tags. 

I also played around with more of a composition thing -


This little collage is produced on a bit of scrap paper with the stamp pad overprinting the stamped shapes in a random fashion. It's very crude and not a finished piece but I quite like it and I think it would work on fabric, in a wide repeat.

Thanks for calling in today. Have a great weekend.