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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Miss Mitchell's friend.

Hi Everyone
I've had another lovely day with the paper mâché dolls. I've spent time building the legs and feet (only slightly) as well as developing Miss Mitchell's hair. I also considered each of the dolls and have finally decided who they are.
The tall doll will be Mary Haversham, she's an old friend from the past (you can read back and find her on the blog) and Miss Mitchell will be the smaller doll.

I will use the painted images to inspire each doll but I'm still keen to go with whatever happens - they may not look like the paintings ? I'm also going to put each doll on a stand, this will allow me to go with more elaborate shoes. I won't need to consider if the shoes will hold the doll in a standing position.
I'm still a little undecided about using paper mâché pulp on the faces but I'm convinced the eyes of each doll are important and have done a little research on glass eyes. I hoped to buy some eyes for both dolls. However, no luck there !. So, I'm going to make some eyes from polymer clay. Both dolls have distinctive hair so that too will be an important part of each doll.

Thanks for calling in today. Have a great weekend.