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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Dye Job News

Hi Everyone
I had a great day yesterday dying some cotton yarn (read back yesterday for more on this). 


I knew things would be different dying a cotton yarn (plant based material) rather than a wool yarn. However, I failed to consider how much fixer I would need for the cotton and almost lost all my colours. Everything started so well and initially I got the colours mixed just as I wanted.


I loved the deep shades (bottom right). After washing lots of dye came out and although the colours are very different they are very pretty. Here they are drying on the line (bottom left). 

I have a plan B. I'm not sure if I will re dye the same cotton yarn or go for a wool ? I like the deep colours and want to make my cowl/ neck warmer in the deep colours but may still make a second in the pale colours.
When I get my techniques sorted out, I will post some tips and images of both cotton and wool material.

Thanks for calling in.