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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

What about her feet ?

Hi Everyone
A few days ago I talked about making a paper mâché doll in the form of my Miss Mitchell character (1/9/16 blog). I'm  almost there with preparations, I've made a sketch and collected all the bits - I'm probably ready to go - famous last words !
 I've  also done a bit of research over the last few days re paper mâché recipes and techniques and have decided to go with a combination of paper towel layers and newspaper. I like the paper towels because they are clean to use with no print to discolour the piece and my hands but the newspaper does add a certain something to the finished surface when the newsprint shows through. I think the print will be visible on the face ? - however, her face is quite pale so maybe not ?
I'd like to print some fabric for a dress and will try to include some customised polymer buttons and jewellery in the costume. I'm not sure exactly how my Miss Mitchell will turn out, the detail of the feet/shoes are not decided yet and the hands - should I form fingers  ?
 I do like the idea of reproducing Miss Mitchell's uniques hair style and will definitely incorporate the 'hairdo'. The colours and butterfly detail is key too. Ultimately, I will allow Miss Mitchell to tell me how to proceed. I'm treating this project as an experimental thing, hopefully I can make a range of dolls and improve on each one.


I'd like to make printed fabric using my Gelli plates with some flowers/weeds from the garden providing the surface design and even get some butterfly images onto the piece. 
I'm hoping to spend some time today experimenting. I'll share my results - good or bad.

Thanks for calling in today.