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Thursday, 22 September 2016

The Dolls will tell me.

Hi Everyone
As planned, I managed to work on the Paper Mâché Doll Project. I made the bodies and limbs for both dolls and have covered them in their first layer of newspaper. I like to use the Financial Times for this job, it's a lovely pink colour and doesnt leak out black print everywhere. I used my mix of very thick wallpaper paste rather than a PVA glue and it all worked well.
The dolls are begining to grow a character, I really enjoyed making them yesterday. At one point, I actually stopped, looked at them and literally thought, I'm really enjoying this !
 I don't have an absolute fixed vision of what they will look like (other than an inspiration from Miss Mitchell). I like the idea of just going with the Make, although I am still keen to keep the Miss Mitchell hairstyle and a round face (look back for more on Miss Mitchell 1/9/16 post). I think Miss Mitchell's eyes are unique to her, so perhaps its important to keep the eyes too.

Somehow - the feet define the whole doll ? The doll on the right was to be Miss Mitchell. I'm not so sure now ? Miss Mitchell wears ballet pumps and the left hand doll would suit better ? The doll on the left has a bent right arm which would be perfect for a Miss Mitchell butterfly.


Today, I want to give the limbs some more definition and the face will get the basis of some features. I'm undecided about a paper mâché pulp mix on the face ? I need to experiment a little more. Hopefully, I can get the dolls completely built today and then I will seal them (with Modge Podge). The hair is an important element and I'm still thinking about how to achieve what I need. I'm sure it will evolve as I go.
 Then ........ it will be time to design and make some lovely clothes. This will be the best bit - I'm going to knit and sew the clothing, lots of little details. As I work with the dolls, they will tell me what I need to make.

Thanks for calling in today.