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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Paper mâché heads

Hi Everyone
I've been experimenting with some paper mâché heads for Miss Mitchell. I have three inner core heads using various combinations of newspaper, glue and tape. Having made the first three core heads, I will also go for a paper towel version with Modge Podge. The more wet glue, the longer it takes to dry and I want a much quicker way to build the dolls . Number 1 took a couple of hours, number 3 is instant and number 2 will probably never dry !


I like number 1 the best (so far), it's scrunched  up newspaper with a second film of glued newspaper. Number 2 is lots of layers of wet glued paper and number 3 is dry newspaper wrapped in tape. All 3 heads are about 6.5cm across and quite round. These little balls are the first stage in the head development.
I quite like the idea of making a paper paste substance to act like a type of clay which will cover all the body parts, including the head. Ive decided to make each body part separately and join the body parts together with short wooden pegs and a glue gun. The idea is then, to cover the joined structure with my customised paper clay.
Today, my plan is to keep going and produce the body. I've decided to go with bigger feet (read back for more on this). When I get the body sorted, I'm going to experiment with printing fabric for a dress.
My plan,at this stage, is very loose. I have approximate measurements and an overall shape. I want the doll construction to work so will keep going with that.

                                                                                                                     and I'm happy to change things as the doll evolves. 

Thanks for calling in.