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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The Rebirth of Vita

Hi Everyone
Yesterday, I spent some time trying to organise all my current projects in an effort to complete them. One of the projects which has given me so much trouble is a crochet doll known to me as Vita. Various body parts have been made several times, each time I've made the arms and legs for instance, they have been slightly different and not quite what I wanted, either too short of too long or too thin ! I've decided to completely undo the doll and start again. 

This time I've started with the limbs rather than the body. Ive made my own pattern and started with the legs. I want my finished doll to be larger than the previous version, so will have to experiment to get the right dimensions rather than sticking to the original pattern. I'm still on the legs but it's going great. This is an early photo of a new leg.


I've loosened up the crochet stitches and everything seems like it will work. My first effort of the body was much too small and very tightly finished. The doll shape is a specific shape with a series of increase and decrease curves so this job needs to be proportioned. I will take a view on the resize options after I've finished the limbs.

I've done more in a few hours than I managed in the whole project, as a result it's much more enjoyable. I'm keen to get this back on track and have some ideas about clothing already. I like the idea of printing some fabric for a dress and dying some wool for a cardigan, socks, hats etc.
You can see some of my ideas for Vita on the 15/8/16 post - things have moved on ! and that Vita is no more. However, she will be reborn, bigger and better with lovely new clothes.


The doll featured in the 15/8/16 post will be a fabric version - I can't loose the Angel idea !

Thanks for calling in.