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Friday, 16 September 2016

Knit Project News

Hi Everyone
News today of my new knit project - the ARIKA which is an asymmetric cowl. You may have seen my post from last week about dying some cotton yarn. I've decided I will use the dyed yarn for my cowl. The colours didn't turn out as planned but they are quite pretty and I'm keen to see how the cowl will turn out.
Read back here for the dye story.

I've started the begining of the cowl, there's a way to go but it's looking OK so far :


The cowl is knitting up quite quickly and I'm confident a few days will see the knitting part complete. I will also need to block the cowl to get the appropriate final shape as per the pattern. I'm not quite as confident about the blocking process but hopefully it will work out.

I'm using this knit as a trial for a second cowl which I will knit in my preferred  colours . I'm having a second go at dying the yarn in my original colours - this time I'm going for a wool yarn rather than cotton.


Thanks for calling in today.
Have a great weekend.
Back on Monday.