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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Made to Measure for Mary

Hi Everyone
At last, I'm there. 
Mary, one of my latest Art dolls, has a new dress 'in the making'. I mentioned a few blogs ago, that my Dolls would tell me what they wanted to wear and so it is. I've gone for a traditional selection of fabrics and a classic design for Mary.


 The first item will be a dress. This dress will have a full skirt and a simple bodice. I'm also thinking about an apron and perhaps a hat ? There will also be some kind of knitted cardigan with knitted socks - possibly striped. That's as far as I've got, at the moment. I think Mary will be at home in a pretty Cottage garden.

I'm planning to review each item as its made and will adapt where necessary. I'm using little bits of leftover fabrics and other embellishments that are lying around my studio. The whole 'look' will be an eclectic one, revealing Mary's character.

Here is the first stages of the dress construction. I made a very simple pattern for the dress bodice and will 'make to measure' the final fit. The skirt is just a gathered oblong shape. Mary does have a distinctive shape which will limit the shape of any clothing ! I'm going to concentrate on taking attention away from her very large waistline !


I'm not sure about hair and facial features ? Mary will let me know what to do.

Thanks for calling in today.