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Monday, 19 September 2016

Knitting Update etc.

Hi Everyone
I enjoyed a very busy weekend, full of family active stuff - weather was great, I feel like I need a holiday to recover !
I've managed to complete the knitting part of my ARIKA cowl (read back to Friday for more on this). The next job is to block the cowl and get the shape for stitching together. I don't usually bother with blocking but it's going to be an essential element of my finishing having seen blocked items recently.


I've got quite a bit of yarn leftover and am now wondering what to make ? The ARIKA pattern does add lots of tassels all around the cowl and decided I didn't like the fringe of tassels. I'm now undecided, so will test out a small area - which will eat into my leftover yarn ! I'll report back on how my blocking goes in a few days.

My other task on the list is developing my paper mâché doll. Read back for more on this. I'm keen to get the body finished this week so I can get on and dress the doll - the exciting bit. I've got a vague plan of action but am experimenting so anything could happen ! As usual, I will take photos and share my experiments.This is my inspiration Julie Arkell doll. I'll keep this in mind when I work today -


Thanks for calling in today.