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Monday, 5 September 2016

Socks News

Hi Everyone
I have good news and bad news to share re my latest sock MAKE. The socks use the yarn I acquired while on the first part of our Garnd Tour 2017 in North Berwick (read back a few weeks for more on this). The yarn is a lovely range of greens and I've managed to create my own pattern for this pair of socks. They are 'made to measure' and very simple but for this pair Ive developed quite a long leg part, with hindsight it's probably been a mistake because I've run out of yarn before finishing the second sock !! 


There's no chance to get another skein as its a single, hand painted yarn - so bad news. However, good news too, it's an opportunity to improve my socks by developing a new yarn to compliment the main body of the sock. I'm going to undo the toe section of the sock I've completed and add new coloured toe sections to both socks along with an additional couple of rows at the top of each rib.


 My dilema is what colour to use ? - should I use another green shade or another colour altogether ? I can't decide. I'll give it a day or so to make my decision.

I'm actually feeling very positive about this little problem. I'm sure it will improve the final socks.

Thanks for calling in today.