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Friday, 9 September 2016

Fabric Portfolio

Hi Everyone
I've been a little off focus today - my Miss Mitchell doll has been left behind ! (read back for more on this). Instead, I've made a fabric portfolio. The portfolio will form a project for my book (FROM SCRATCH)  which is undergoing a bit of an edit ! I'm hoping to use the portfolio each day for my rewrites and will enjoy seeing the actual print from the book cover on the portfolio.


The idea is to make a number of these portfolios in different sizes with different purposes as part of the project. I'm hoping to use varied fabrics, sizes and different embellishments to make very different  items.
This portfolio will get a fabric label (to be sewn top right of the cover)  and I've made some progress with it. I've used some quilting techniques and machine embroidery to develop my label - this item will also form part of a new project in the book. Here is a look at how far I've got :

I have an idea of dying part of my label and adding colour to the edges of the house element. All this is a bit of an experiment and I'm not quite sure how things will turn out ? However, I've had a lovely time making the stuff today.

Thanks for calling in today.
Have a great weekend.