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Monday, 26 September 2016

Welcome to the new Vita.

Hi Everyone
I've a little news about Vita, the crochet TILDA doll. Vita has been made again and is now much more the doll I wanted.
Read back HERE for the previous update.

I used a pattern for inspiration but changed the sizes/shapes of the body and limbs as well as the hair style. Vita is very much a TILDA style doll but I hope to make her my own with hair and clothing choices. Here she is :


I'm planning some dresses and various accessories, perhaps a hat and jewellery ? I'm slightly unsure about developing Vita's facial features. Her face is relatively small and particularly narrow. I will probably keep with the TILDA doll face. Here it is for reference :


This face (left) is the usual TILDA doll face but as Vita is made from crochet yarn, the finished item will look different. I may need to make the eyes larger as well as find a way of tackling the cheek rouge. I'm quite pleased how Vita turned out. She will never stand on her own legs so I think she needs a wooden doll stand. Next, I'm looking forward to dressing her.

Thanks for calling in today.