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Thursday, 31 May 2018

More Appliqué

Hi Everyone 
I’ve another little appliqué sample to share today. This is part of the Stitch Story series of patches (read back on my blog for more about this project) developed over the last few months. I mentioned, yesterday, some of the shapes prepared for appliqué working. I took one of the bird shapes to work on, at random. I’ve no particular story in mind for the bird patch, I just liked the fabric and started working on it. As I looked and considered colours, the fabric leftover bits from other prepared shapes presented themselves and somehow I thought about flowers. So, flowers seemed to be the right thing to add. I made a little pencil sketch on the back of some of the leftovers and cut out the simple flower-like shapes.


I really enjoyed working on this patch. I’ve a little more embroidery to add and I’ve committed the ultimate sin of working too close to the edge again ! I will need to add a backing patch to allow me to sew the patch into place, when I’ve decided where it will go.

I have my trusty Stitch Dictionary by Betty Barden sitting next to me throughout and look (often) for ideas and inspiration re the Stitch choice. I love this book, so well presented and each stitch has a great little step by step instruction with a diagram. I also have a little voice in my head (from my sewing guru Grandmother) telling me to ‘take my time’. This is the best advice ever !

Hopefully, I can finish my patch today and possibly start one more. Check back tomorrow for more news.

Thanks for calling in today.