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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Books on my mind

Hi Everyone
Yet another lovely day here - very cold but the sunshine is wonderful.
Today, is dedicated entirely to my book (FROM SCRATCH). I've also been fiddling with a small handmade book More on the book here. I've added lots of layers of stamping and some colours. I've decided to dedicate the book to INSECTS. I love drawing insects so have decided to use pages in the book for developing insect paintings. I hope to develop the drawings while on holidays/weekends. The size of the book lends itself to this and I've been searching for something like this as a project. My plan is to be able to take it with me in a mini folder along with a minimal kit pack. I'm going to make 'a minimal kit pack' from fabric - at the moment my plan is to design it around a 'roll' idea. However, not today - it's 'the book' day.
Here is a little peek at my book so far.

I need to make some charm type item/attachment for the string. I like to think of the string as a 'bookmark'. Also note the little scissors. Love them. They are a free gift with this months Molly Makes magazine.

Before I go, take a look at the lovely print below.

It's by Katherine Quinn read about her here

Must get on. Bye for now.