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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Considering 'the face' and other things

Hi Everyone
Another dull today today - it's not raining now but it could ...... any minute ! Looks as if this is going to be the pattern today. I will need to find enthusiasm from within !

I have a few pieces of wood to prep for the two new paintings .
Here is a quick look at the faces of the new dolls

Each face shows a different character - ' the whimsical' and the ' the slightly worried' . These faces are very early in their development - having considered their faces, I need to change their 'look' - tweaking around the eyes and mouth.

Talking of faces, I've also been thinking about doing a side view of Miss Mitchell - this is proving a much greater problem than I could imagine. Here she is from 'the front'

I've done a few little sketches - all have gone in the bin. It's quite a difficult thing to do. All my efforts have not captured the essence of the doll and make the character look very odd. The pretty face loses its charm and I feel there is a way to capture it. My latest tack is to make a clay face and look at the profile. It's a big ask for me but I think I will give it a go. Who knows where this one will take me.

My other priority job is to move on the up cycled Aunt Jen

I have some little metal embellishments and some ideas about paint. Will aim to get a more integrated look. I also want to add some 'gloopy' drips somewhere. Will report on any progress tomorrow.

I'm onto Christmas prep. too - it's much to early to talk about Christmas, so I will simply get on and announce things next month.

On another subject, I saw a fantastic piece in Elsie's blog - take a look at the detail
It's a font creator for making fonts on ipad . It looks really exciting. I'm looking into the cost etc. but this seems a great idea for my work. Will talk about this more when I do some more research. This is a picture of the app in action and shows what can be done.

I think that's about all my news to date.

Bye for today.