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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Crochet and beyond .......

Hi Everyone
Weather report is good today - after a few days of very unsettled weather with rain and quite cold periods - it's a great change of atmosphere. I work so much better with sunshine.
I'm also feeling much better after a recent 'head cold' - so all looking good.
Must apply myself to my house and some serious cleaning up at some point today !
That aside, I hope to move on from my complete obsession with crochet. As readers know I've been trying to 'up skill' myself for about a week. All is well, I am getting there and have made a major breakthrough with my understanding and reading of the crochet stitches. Here are a few photos of my recent success

This is the heart which has eluded me for days. It looks OK - I love the hemp yarn and the secret is the correct tension along with the correct hook size. Seems blatantly obvious but it's a revelation to me !!

The heart is too big for the tag but I'm getting there and I know what to do in order to make the size appropriate.

The pink is about to become a flower.

I want to do the combination project in the final picture too. It's from a Crescendo project
This site is a wealth of great ideas and lovely presentation. I particularly like the combined stitching, crochet and paper thing going on. This is where I see my new crochet skills going. I've also been trying to find more examples of the frames I mentioned yesterday. Here's another look

I can't find my original link but I'm having a go with my take on the little project above. Will share my results.

Bye for now.