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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Can LIFE be perfect ?

Hi Everyone
It's another lovely morning - bright sunshine and warm sun(as long as one stays indoors !). I am certainly feeling more invigorated with sunshine.
Today, I'm concentrating on finishing my wedding card order(see yesterday for details) - just need to complete the envelope and bag up. I don't do many cards these days so its lovely to get back to doing something which I feel very comfortable doing. I especially like the 'engineering' of the card. My aim is always to build a seamless and clean card. What I mean, is real attention to detail in all respects. No glue or lines showing or no bits too thick etc. I (almost) always prepare a mock up version to eliminate potential problems. I'm happy with the wedding card - so far !
FROM SCRATCH needs some attention. I'm doing great with the several stages of the book production but the cover is being ignored. I need to add a layer of something each day. It's my new resolution. Lets see how it goes.
My fitness is not going so good, I've had a virus and decided to lay off my running until I recovered. I'm OK today and will be back on track tomorrow.
I've also decided I need to get back to a quick blog scan each day. It's so uplifting to feel part of a community - I seem to feed from the ideas the blogs throw up for me.
Here is a great example of something I'm talking about - a stamp making tutorial. I've done a similar project before but have not had great results. I'd like to try again - as part of my FROM SCRATCH cover. Here is the cover to date - I'd like to introduce a unique 'stamped' image. Not sure what ?

Tutorial update


Will share the results - good or bad.
I didn't manage to make the scrummy pudding from yesterday's blog. The reason it didn't happen was I didn't have all the bits. I'm off to buy them today. I've also written down the recipe - so I can have it in my hand when I am coking this evening. Here is another picture to drool over

Well, if I achieve all these things along with some more words in my book. Life will be perfect.
Bye for now.