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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Surface Pattern Design ?

Hi Everyone
Fantastic day today - bright,bright sunshine and warm ! Lovely - I feel so much alive today.
Been busy with volunteer work this morning so am running behind. Lots of things on the list as usual and my big inspiration today has come from this
Read this article. It's all about a new designer called Emma Cowell. She's into this thing called ' surface pattern design'. The title had always confused me until I came across a number of online courses about the subject. This article explains the whole thing. My interest is the wonderful stuff Emma has created. Here is an example of her work. This gives me a great idea for my Aunt Jenny painting ( I talked about this yesterday). Am excited to see how it will turn out. It would be great if I could turn elements of the paintings into a 'surface pattern' - ready for fabric or some other material/application.

Top of my list today is to do another page for my book (From Scratch). It's coming together and 'a page a day' is beginning to work for me. It's not daunting and its easy to make it a habit. The cover still ongoing. I've come to the conclusion it's very different from a painting especially on wood. This seems very obvious, not sure why I thought it wouldn't be ? The fabric nature of the cover needs a different approach. That's OK but I need to treat the process in a very different way. For more details about my book 'From Scratch' do a search on the blog. I'm wondering about making a separate page on the blog about my book. I could then direct readers to a specific point for updates rather than repeating myself.
That's it for today, must go.

Bye for now.