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Thursday, 11 October 2012

'Experimental prompts' - my new technique.

Hi Everyone
Lovely day again !! No more to be said on weather.

I managed my workload yesterday and am onwards and upwards with the book. So, more of that today. I also added a little to the chair painting (don't have a title so will just called it 'the chair' for now

It's still very 'raw' but I like the feel. I'm going to display the final piece in the dining area so am using colours which will sit there. I see the project as a long job - in the sense that it will get many layers and varied treatments. I'd like to add one of the doll images from my Aunts collection. I mentioned my Aunts work a while ago - not sure how I can link the piece here but it's 24/9/12 blog - if you want to read about it.
This is the image I wanted to use it - in it's current state it's much too big. I think it would be good on tissue. I think,I will need to draw it rather than print.

I will experiment .

On another experimental front, I've been looking through one of the many books I have about ART. The book in question is this one, 'painted pages' by sarah ahearn bellemare. There are a series of exercises in the book and one of them in particular is called 'two-minute prompts'. As the name suggests its about prompting a creative moment. There are 16 little actions eg 'paint only with a white pen' or 'paint lines,shapes or tiny dots with a tiny brush'. All the prompts go in a bowl and you have 2 mins to pick out and 'DO', when 2 mins is up - that's that. The idea is to be a warm up activity but I like the idea as a PROCESS. I've taken the core policy and applied my own prompts based on elements, techniques and materials I want in my 'chair' painting. I've got unlimited time but I want to use all the prompts (eventually). I've decided my only rule for loosing a prompt is to 'sleep on it' and only if I feel it's not working. We will see how this goes.

I mentioned yesterday, the idea of producing a 'tools roll' to add to my 'on the move' art kit. It will be based on this lovely item. It's a folder for holding the kit I need for this portable art initiative. I really want to make this work for me ie on the move. It's eluded me for years. This folder came from Paperchase - love this shop. I will attempt to create a complimentary fabric for the roll using the folder as inspiration.

I think that's it for today. Lots to do !!!!