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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Created with Passion = 'value'

Hi Everyone
I'm so late with my blog today - I've been busy most of the day and its now 6.45pm !!!!
The weathers been great again - sunny but cold wind. Very blue sky.

I've been struck by this piece by mixed media artist Emily Notman Emily's piece
I'm always drawn to anything I see with mixed media in the 'read'. This picture

is lovely and reminds me ( very slightly - artistic licence you understand) of one of my own pieces.

I made my picture from old stuff - destined for the bin. The green section in the centre is heavily layered with threads as is Emilys piece. looking at them together they are (unfortunately) NOT so alike !!!! All the materials, including the wood, had been left from more important projects. I have several offers in to buy it. I'm not sure what to do ?
I also like this these two broach pieces - again by artist Emily Notman.They are unusual and quirky.

Amazingly, I watched a programme last night on 4OD called 'Man Made Home' - presented by Kevin McCloud - love anything he does. In programme 3, Kevin McCloud talks at length about his notion of placing personal 'value' on 'longed for/ deeply considered items which are created with passion by whoever ( in this case Kevin). I can relate to this idea and that brings me neatly back to my picture - can I seriously sell 'a part of me' !!! I didn't make the picture to sell and I did give a bit of me to it. When I look at it I smile and find myself seeing something else - I also feel (sometimes) its not quite finished. Where does that leave things ? I will sleep on it.

Bye for now.