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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Crochet has taken over !

Hi Everyone
The weather has improved as the day has moved on - earlier this morning the rain was very heavy and non stop for several hours. Now, the sun is out and shining and a blue sky has emerged. I can function again !

I've been busy today with business stuff and a client but am hoping to get a few hours work before I turn into a taxi system for my kids.

Last night I spent more time developing my rather poor crochet skills. I'm improving - very slowly. I have huge desire but am hopeless.

I know the photo is dark - I did this while waiting to watch an England football match ( which did not happen- long story) and it was quite dark. I had planned to make a necklace/collar into which, I could weave beads !
This was an ambitious aim. As you see - no chance.

The initial project idea ie crochet was initiated by reading this Crochet project

I was drawn to making these lovely frames for some of my doll paintings. I have not lost hope and am now ready to try my hand. Will report on my progress tomorrow.

Still on the crochet news, I've ordered myself a new range of crochet hooks to add to my practice sessions my ultimate aim is to crochet a dress for one of my dolls - I need a dream !!!!

That's about it for today.

Bye for now